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I read a story about women in sports dogging my husband, and since I allme have the fantasy of it, even on the last night on the way home from work I felt very hot and I thought my husband at the latest until 10 of No 00 of the watch is in this afternoon which means that is home to ten / thirty, so when I got home I showered and dressed in my tight skirt and bra thong raids and allme tight blouse, I felt very concerned, but cool as my crutch was blurred in the minds of strangers who have sex wet me, to my way, if you later when I was though sent a tex husband to say she was my mom. I had researched the Internet and found a park about twenty miles from where we live, where the dogging action takes place. I left home for 19 Clock is 00 and arrived at allme the park for half an hour later, my heart was pounding when I thought, I can go with this anyway, where four cars parked, so he stopped and sat down a little there thinking, what to dothe next. Soon I noticed a shadow outside the vehicle and a man rubbing his crutches I thought, here goes, and started rubbing my tits and my undoing buttons make enough, this has become a complete stranger, then I realized he had his cock and jerks the other side of the window of my car, so I had dropped my bra and my tits out of man by three guys, all he had connection queues that greeted my window, and the Hahn was first opened in the window, was very long and thick, I thought, sod and began to suck his cock and then a second and appeared alternately sucking me in that moment I felt both hands groping my tits that made ​​my nipples and I did not feel wet cock in my mouth a stream gushed hot cum in my mouth then gagged me swollowed my first batch of foreign sperm, beat the kids to open my door and I'm always out of the car today being surrounded by five vacuum lines bending over allme to suck cock I felt a man behindI lift my short skirt and pull my panties aside and give barecok pussy fucked me very hard for a few minutes before shooting nude cum in my pussy as he pulled a second man took his place and followed allme the same again for every man, in every five of shit has taken me, we stopped allme to chat, since I have five strangers I met with the legs allme straight cum had filled overflow was surrounded, then the guy with the big dick I could lean back in my car and grabbed me again this time much longer before shooting his second load my naked wet pussy two more than I thought it allme would go better come home, she asked if Park wanted to go in the back said, let's see ! I looked at my watch it was nine thirty clock, so I have time to go home before my husband was when I got home, I went to the bathroom and pulled my thong was drenched in cum, so I went to the room of my gaping pussy watch and see all the cum still on thi smell before my thong in bed while I lay thinking masturbated me whatever he had done, then all the laundry in the machine and got into the tub that was soaking in the bathtub when I heard her husband he shouted to get the job you are not going to their mothers, so I said I did not fucking think about it home after all if he was only five foreigners and guts i put my bare pussy decide to come back hopefully soon..............
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